Diamond Log Cabin Blocks

I love log cabin blocks, but I especially love it when I can make them into diamonds!

Step One: Materials

You will need 5 medium to dark fat quarters and 4 neutrals to do six diamonds.



Step Two: Cutting

Set aside the 1/2 yard of focus print.

Arrange your 5 medium to dark fatquarters, it works best if the darkest is to the outside.

Take the opposite fat quarter and cut (2) 2 1/2″ strips. From this strip you are going to cut (6) 60 degree diamonds.

Now for the remaining strips! Take your remaining fat quarters (colors and neutrals) and cut them into 1 1/2″ strips. I go ahead and cut the whole fat quarter, because I will use the strips in my scrappy projects. I often like to work in scraps so if you also have 1 1/2″ strips in your scrap bins they are great for this project. You just need to make sure that you have enough strips to do each round in the diamond six times.

Step Three: Sewing the rounds

It is best to do each round and square up the diamonds as you go. That way, all of your diamonds will be the same size when you finish.

Start with the center diamond. Layout all six diamonds with tips pointing up. Take one neutral strip and lay it out, right side up. Place the six diamonds along the strip (or several strips if you are using scraps) leaving about 1/4″ between each diamond and pin in place. Sew diamonds to the strips.


Press strips and diamonds. Then using your 60 degree ruler, trim diamonds from the strips.


Place diamonds with neutral strip sewn to top left side and add another neutral strip clockwise. Repeat with remaining 5 diamonds.



If you choose not to pin and just feed them into your machine along the strip, make sure that you take time to NOT do this:



(See I have one wrong!)  It had to be redone!

At this point, stop and check all diamond units. They should all be the same size, and they should all be oriented in the same manner. Square them up to the smallest diamond.

Now when you turn your diamonds clockwise, you will be adding the next round of your medium strips.



When both strips have been added to all six diamonds, again stop and make sure that all of your diamonds are the same size.



Repeat the process with another neutral set of strips, continuing to go around clockwise and another round of medium strips. Making sure that your diamonds stay the same size at the end of each addition.


diamond 3.jpg


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