Throwback Thursday: Tristen’s Song

I just absolutely loved making this quilt for Tristen (Kael’s oldest brother).  Kael was just a tiny guy when it was made as you can see (he’s hiding in the corner).  It’s hard for me to believe just how much he has grown since then.


Anyway, this was my first quilt as you go, and it went really well.  Well enough that my nephew Hunter had to have one just like it a few years later, but I’ll post his another Thursday.

Many of the fabrics had different prints incorporating musical notation or instruments.  And it ended up being a very striking quilt when it was finished.

And here is a picture from just two days ago of the little guy in the corner, it seems just like yesterday when I took the picture of the quilt, boy how does time fly!


2006-01-01 00.00.00-14.jpg


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