All the Way Back to the Beginning

Today for my Throwback Thursday post, I’m going) all the way back to almost the very beginning.  This was I think the second quilt/wall-hanging that I have made.    I was horribly unsure of myself, but in all it didn’t turn out too badly.

I took it down before the Jonas the Evil Snowstorm came through, to add a hanging sleeve (which I had never gotten around to doing).  So now if it ever thaws out enough for me to get back up to the studio, I can hang it like it should be hung instead of the pushpins I used here….

Purple Ohio Stars.jpg


The quilting is horrid, but the points all came out pretty good.  Would I have done it differently now?  Yep, sure would, but I keep it around to remind me that we all have to start somewhere, and as a good friend of mine Susanna used to say about knitting (I think it applies to quilting as well) “You have to knit a mile of crap, before you will ever begin to think you’re getting the hang of it.”  Some days I think I’m out of my mile, then I decided to try some new thing in quilting, and guess what?  I’m right back at the beginning working on that mile of crap again.

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Purple Ohio Stars.jpg


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