RR Signs

This quilt made me think of RR signs while I was making it. It was part of a mystery quilt that I did years ago, and I’ve searched and searched and I’m not sure just exactly where I found the Mystery or who the designer of the pattern was either.  If anyone knows please tell me.  I thought it was a QT Mystery Quilt,but it does not look like any of the patterns in the archives…..so I have no idea where it came from.

2006-01-01 00.00.00-17

Anyway, I really really did not like the quilt as it started to come together.  Since then, I’ve decided that I was wrong, that it really is a pretty cool quilt. I was in the middle of a divorce that winter, so any decision that I made then about quilting is pretty suspect.

It is also full of mistakes that I was just too sorry at the time to go back and fix.  So when I got my quilting machine this winter, and I needed a quilt to practice on, this little quilt fit the bill.  And yes, the machine quilting has a LOT of mistakes as well, but I figure all of its little (big) mistakes will remind me in the future of two different times in my life that I spent learning things about me and quilting.

When I posted my list for the 2016 Quilt A-Long, this guy needed to be bound to be finished, and I put the last stitches in this past week, and finally have a finished quilt!


RR Picnic quilt.jpg

This is going to be our keep it in the car quilt for picnics, and I’m glad it is getting to be spring here so that we can put it to good use.


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