Largest Recess Cave East of the Mississippi

A couple of weeks ago my mother, the boys and I went to Hocking Hills Ohio for the week.  Although the weather was hot, we had a wonderful time.  My eldest and I hiked to see some of the awesome caves that are in the area and truly enjoyed seeing something so unbelievably hidden in this quiet little town.

Hocking Hills 1

This is Ash Cave, the largest recess cave east of the Mississippi!  I just love how the tree shows the scope of the cave. There wasn’t a lot of water coming off the falls, but I was still blown away by the immensity of the cave.

Hocking hills 3.jpg

There I am, rocking my Mommy Fanny pack (it totally embarrasses Mason that I wear it…but yoga pants don’t come with pockets and ya have to have somewhere to store inhalers and etc.).

Well, it is back to quilting, I hope everyone has a great day!

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