Scrap Dancing…

Several years ago at a Bonnie K. Hunter Workshop, I learned about making spare hst units from the wings of my Flying Geese, Sister’s Choice Star points, etc.  That resulted in the box of hst units you see above.  I’ve been collecting these for years.

I also learned about her concept of a leader and enders project, where you use scrap units to lead off and end a row of strip piecing to prevent having those long tails of thread everywhere.

I’ve practiced this faithfully over the years usually doing two quilts at a time, and using the units from one to end/lead off with the other.  Most of the time that works pretty good, until you catch up on all of the piecing that you have out, haven’t had time to run find another UFO to work on, etc.


Today I’m at a place where I needed a new Ender/Leader project so I pulled out the box of hst units and started ironing out some squares.   After playing around with a few, I knew the idea that my friend threw at me a few weeks ago, sounded like a plan, so they started turning into Broken Dishes units.



I don’t know if these are another quilt of their own yet, or if they will be a border on something else, but it solves my long thread tail problems, and lets me get on with the business of finishing up Christmas presents.

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