Finally the Sun Shines

Here I was starting to think that we were in the beginnings of the second flood, when finally the sun came out this morning.

Homeschool has proceeded along nicely so far with Little finished and happily gaming, and Eldest hunkered down at the table with research on the tundra biome scattered about, and geometry and personal finance looming, and lets not forget technical report writing.

As far as stitching news, the ankle injury has kept me off my sewing machines and limited to handwork. 

Adding the guidelines has been crucial.  As I work, almost all of the old progress is coming out to be replaced by accurate placement of color.  Since I restarted this piece, the border is completely new, and the dragon back is slowly being corrected and completed.

The plan is to get back into the studio today and tidy up, and work on some cutting and piecing for a commission.  Hopefully the ankle is healed enough to let me work for an hour or so at least.  My friend gave me this pillow sham as my inspiration to work from.

With the request to add some black into the finished quilt and for it to be somewhat like a traditional quilt, all other design choices are mine.  While I could go all hog wild, I need to make some money, so I settled on a simple granny square pattern, and I have amassed all the fabric, so it is just a point of cutting and sewing.

Hope everyone else is having as glorious a Wednesday as we are having!


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